Our members have many great things to say about T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society. By working together, they have been able to network among each other, give back to their communities, and create opportunities for underserved students to enter the medical profession.

Here is some of what our members had to say about us:

“Membership with the T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society has been a wonderful experience for me. It affords me the opportunity to learn and grow from other health care professionals and also to give back to the community — something very important to me. I attend many TLJMS community events like the Career Symposium and really enjoy encouraging children to reach their full potential and consider making the medical field a career path.

I am looking forward to TLJMS creating a youth healthcare-career pipeline in the Glades by making all the elementary schools a medical magnet program. Another dream I have is to have TLJMS and students take medical supplies and give presentations while on a missionary trip to one of the TLJMS member’s native country to give back while having fun being a tourist experience at the same time.

I participate in as many community and member events as I can, and I am also on the health fair committee. The health fair is so worthwhile to families and those in need in our community. I think it is important to give back and I volunteer every year.”

— Tracey McKelton, RN, BSN


“I recently renewed my membership for T.Leroy Medical Society. Each year the society is new and innovative because I contribute my leadership skills along with my community physicians nurses and social workers to make a change.  I have been a past secretary, the president and organizer of the speakers committee.  I have directly impacted the yearly health fair and have been a voice for the message that we bring to the community.  My favorite volunteer activity is lecturing to the students in health sciences at H.L. Watkins Middle School.  We have talked about dextrocardia, conjoined twins and fetal circulation.  Are those new terms for you?  Then come and join us!  Be a part of the change that molds our community.  Work to make the change that you want to see.”

— Patricia Sherron, MD, FACC
Pediatric Cardiologist


“I became a member of T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society in 2015 because I was invited by an existing member. There are several reasons why I enjoy being a member. First, it has been a wonderful experience getting to know and network with my peers. Second, I am interested in ways to promote my practice. After joining, I was able to place an ad in one of their publications which will be distributed to other members and at community events throughout the year. And third, I really like what the society stands for; their community outreach programs are inspiring. I volunteered for the community health fair in August and appreciated being able to help those in need in my community.”

— Berry Pierre, DO, MPH