Community Service Committees

Health Fair Committee: Meetings begin in January of each year to plan the TLJMS annual community health fair. Members plan, organize and oversee the logistics of the event including volunteer recruitment, lectures and activities. The committee is comprised of TLJMS members, community partners and volunteers.

Healthcare & Science Career Symposium Committee: Meetings commence in November the year prior to the event, which is held in early spring. Members assist with various aspects of event planning and logistics including transportation, volunteer recruitment and publicity. The committee is made up of TLJMS members, community partners and volunteers.

Scholarship Committee: The scholarship committee raises funds for scholarships at various TLJMS events. Committee members also review student credentials and essays to award prizes. The committee is made up of TLJMS members.

Speakers Bureau Committee: Made up of TLJMS members, the bureau recruits members to lecture at various schools and groups in the community. Meetings take place twice a year. The bureau maintains a database of speakers; serves as a primary contact for organizations seeking speakers.

Operational Committees

Board Development: Made up of TLJMS Board Members, this committee oversees and/or manages the identification, recruitment, nomination of board members, as well as their orientation, training and education, recognition and self-assessment.

Membership Committee: This committee oversees the recruitment, orientation, service, engagement and retention of members. The membership committee is made up of TLJMS members.

Finance Committee: The finance committee provides financial oversight for TLJMS including budgeting, financial planning, and reporting. The committee also ensures internal controls and policies are established and implemented. This committee is comprised of TLJMS board members and the executive director.

Events Committee: This committee oversees event planning and logistics for specific TLJMS functions for targeted audiences. The committee is tasked with creating memorable experiences, celebrating successes, showing appreciation, and providing educational opportunities consistent with organizational objectives of the specific event. The committee is made up of TLJMS members and volunteers.

Fundraising Committee: This committee develops resources by planning and supporting the TLJMS board of directors in an effort to raise money, in-kind contributions and services, in support of the TLJMS mission. The committee is comprised of TLJMS members.

If interested in serving on any of these committees, contact us here.