For college students interested in medicine and STEM careers, mentors can open doors to knowledge and opportunity.

As a result, the Mentorship Program was set up by T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society, George Snow Scholarship Fund and Quantum Foundation to connect college students interested in medical and STEM careers with local business leaders and professionals.

Mentoring partnerships have been proven to be rewarding for everyone involved, both personally and professionally. 

For students, it provides an opportunity to develop communication skills, broaden viewpoints, and consider new ways of approaching situations. It’s also a way for young people to develop more self-confidence, and be able to create big goals for themselves. And for those mentoring, the program is an opportunity to reflect on their own practice, as well as enhance job satisfaction, and develop professional relationships. 

As part of the program, mentors and mentees commit to meeting and talking several times and making every effort to create a meaningful and successful mentoring relationship.

Our Mentorship Committee reviews the applications and determines matches based on the information provided. Mentor opportunities are open to all active members of the T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society. 

We are thankful for funders like Quantum Foundation, United Way PBC, and Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin County for their ongoing support of this program.

To learn more about the mentoring program, please contact us here.